Why Facebook Needs A Dislike Button!

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Why Facebook Needs A Dislike Button! || Facebook Hunger Games XFactor Final Deathmatch

We all have those “friends” that annoy us. Those friends you accept friend request from as they are friends of friends or relatives or ex girlfriends that you dont really want to unfriend to save the hassle of that bullshit.

Some times you see a persons Facebook Status or Facebook comment and you wish you had the option to flag your DISLIKE. Mainly aimed at idiots with uneducated points of view, attention seeking narcissists, people fishing for approval or validation. These people that frankly only get likes from fellow like minded cunt waffles but there is no option to show them they are wrong without engaging in a comment war…. but what if you could simply click DISLIKE with a FACEBOOK DISLIKE BUTTON

I have an idea…. Everyone who has a social media account has the right to chatter on about anything they want but if you feel its stupid narrow minded, racist or just fucking annoying you click the Facebook Dislike button and over time we track their Facebook Dislike Button vs Like Button Ratio and the people with the highest Facebook Dislike Button Ratio gets put into a hat and 2 people are draw to go into a massive Catching Fire, Mocking Jay (mockingjay) Hunger Games!!!!

That’s right the Facebook Dislike Button Hunger Games of Stupidity, Bigotry, Attention Seeking and Doom!!! pst Simon Cowell call me we will work on the idea.

But anyway…. This Battle Royale Hunger Games Deathmatch would eliminate the idiots and the winner gets to live for another year!!

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