Yorkshire Pudding Burger | Worlds Sexiest Burger #FoodPorn

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Yorkshire Pudding Burger | Worlds Sexiest Burger #FoodPorn – The Yorkshire pudding burger is a thing and it’s actually not that annoying –

In a monumental twist in the ongoing burger saga, one man has sandwiched a beef patty between two Yorkshire puddings. It’s called the Yorkshire Pudburger — another northern response to London’s antics, it seems.

I think it all reached saturation point a while ago, but it seems everyone’s still completely obsessed with burger invention.

Admittedly, I’m usually quick to disregard any proposition of a fanciful new creation. They nearly always fall short and are completely ridiculous; often, they’re simply disgusting. Just look at that ramen thing, or the doughnut monstrosity, for example.

But it has to be said, this new play on Sunday roast sentiment seems like it’s got more to it than mindless experimentation. It’s the work of Jeremy Ambrose, who set out with a goal of ‘encapsulating’ Yorkshire pride.

He says the burger ‘brings together the homemade feel of a Sunday roast,’ and fits the county’s tradition of batter celebration superbly. Ambrose even declares it another ‘string in Yorkshire’s bow’.

I can’t really agree with any of that, but unlike the host of other concepts coming out of pop-ups and restaurants without proper ceilings, I’d probably give it a go. Also, my girlfriend’s from Yorkshire. It seems fitting.

Importantly, Ambrose has kept it simple; there’s no try at a hapless culinary fusion and no inclusion of stupid sauces. It’s not topped with deep-fried albatross wings or whatever other bizarre topping you can think of. Weirdly, it’s a somewhat more natural, traditional — less annoying — burger.

At the moment it’s sold at Rift & Co in Harrogate, but I imagine it’ll turn up elsewhere pretty soon. Any hint at a play on one of the country’s favourite dinners is better than a bun made of noodles or that other stupid thing to come from the north, the ‘Ulti-Meatum’.

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